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i spent an hour searching for a four leaf clover

i got really good at finding 4-leaf clovers in elementary school, like i would find 5-10 in a half hour recess, because i had no friends and so i would just go look for 4-leaf clovers by myself at recess, and so it only took me like 30 seconds not to find any in the picture
there are 2 with only 2 leaves at the bottom near the center and one immediately to the right of those with only 1 leaf but as far as i can tell those are the only abnormalities unless there’s one in the left-center area where it’s denser and most of the clovers are overlapping, if i were there in real life i would run my hand through those to tease out whatever might be in there
and if you ever think that’s a useless skill, imagine being on a date with me and we’re walking through a field around sunset and at some point i just bend down and pick up a 4-leaf clover and put it in your hair, because i don’t even need to bend down to find them most of the time… at least, that’s the excuse i always gave myself for having this skill, anyway

this is one of the best comments i’ve gotten on this photo there were SO many more clovers though it’s insane

omg i wish i had that talent i am so jealous of you

Oh my gosh